Specialization - Couples Therapy & Trauma Work

I specialize in Couples Therapy - for married or unmarried couples, or anyother types of relationships. The formal therapy practice for Relationship work provides both behavioral coping tools and techniques, and the deeper analysis of our backgrounds and their impact on our relationships. The goal is to help the Couple decide what is best for them and then to help them achieve that objective. I use various therapy techniques to help Couples learn to communicate better - which is at the heart of most issues facing Couples. In addition, I use Cognitive Behavioral and Psychodynamic therapies to help Couples understand the core issues causing stress and dysfunction in their relationship. Couples Therapy is sensitive work and requires a great deal of patience on both parties - but has proven to be very successful in moving the Couple forward towards their goal.

I also have developed a  Coaching practice for RELATIONSHIPS. The Relationship Coaching practice is focused on teaching proven skills and techniques designed to help the couple regain the spark from their early days. These same tools and techniques prove helpful in maintaining the goals of each relationship. Relationship Coaching is more intensive, but can be accomplished in a shorter time period than Relationship Counseling.

I have established a HIPAA compliant system for doing teletherapy via video conferencing.

Additionally, I am a Diplomate, Certified Trauma Specialist with the American Society of Trauma Experts and specialize in working with individuals who are suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) , acute stress and anxiety due to having been exposed to extreme traumatic stress involving direct personal experience, or witnessing an event that involves any type of threat to one's physical well-being.

Traumatic events include, but are not limited to, military combat, violent personal assault (sexual assault, physical attack, robbery, mugging), being kidnapped, being taken hostage, terrorist attack, torture, incarceration as a prisoner of war or in a concentration camp, natural or manmade disasters, severe automobile accidents, or being diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. It is not possible to list all examples of traumatic events - and each person's reaction to a traumatic event can be very different.

We work closely and carefully - and at the individual's speed - to help each person learn to deal with the experience of the trauma and to be able to move on and enjoy their lives today. This is a particularly difficult area of mental health therapy but having over 10 years' experience with a wide variety of individuals suffering from various traumatic events, allows me to understand and individualize a therapy plan for each client.

Please feel comfortable to call and ask any questions you may have regarding this, or any other, therapy techniques and treatment plans.

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